Samara King  © Copyright 2019 - 2020
Undressing The Cowboy.jpg


Publisher:  Crave  
Genre: Contemporary, African-American Romance   
Length: Novella    
Themes: Former enemies to friends,  Billionaire bachelor, Hot-For-The-


MARCH 1, 2020



Eden Russell and Davis Roy are a long way from the grade school nemeses they once were. Now a successful businesswoman and clothier, Eden is calling all the shots, if she didn’t count the traitorous way her body responds anytime Davis is around. Shielding herself from his seductive charms is priority number one. Collecting the paycheck that will secure her company for the next year is the end goal at play. Problem is, the more time Eden spends with Davis the more tempting the downright scandalous thought of undressing the cowboy. 


If anyone had told Davis he’d be the head of the Triple R Farm a year ago, he would have laughed in their face. Despite wanting nothing to do with the family ranch, especially when his late father’s will bypasses his older half-brother Reign – the rightful heir to the helm of the Triple R. All Davis wanted to do was live his life as quiet as possible and while his growing success with his artwork. The stipulations in his late father’s will say otherwise if he is to keep his inheritance and the gallery. When Davis' assistant commissions Eden for a private dressing, Davis couldn’t be more surprised by the hot white attraction between them.