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Publisher:  Crave  
Genre: Suspense, African-American Romance   
Length: Novella   
Themes:  A reformed bad boy with a melt-you-like butter type of sensuality, rekindled love, revenge.  



A masked lover

A year ago, Club Reign owner Belinda Gilles threw the first Grown & Sexy Masquerade ball - that was until she encountered a masked man whose touch made her forget about her past. Did she dare to believe that her masked lover would show his face again?  

What lies beneath 

When Jordan Harris discovers that Belle is the woman he encountered under the mask a year ago, he sets out to make her his, even if it means opening old wounds she’d vowed to never forgive him for. 






4 Stars, Rhea Alexis Banks, Hot to the Touch is a very good story that encompasses love, trying to do the right thing, jealousy, greed, crime and fate. I enjoyed this engaging, titillating story of Belinda as it unfolded and all was revealed. 



5 Stars,   Phinesse Demps, African Americans on the Move Book Club Samara King is a gifted author, writer, and poet. I enjoy the fact, as a woman, especially an African-American woman, that she embraces her sensuality. Samara is able to give her characters life by making them more human, more real, by infusing them with real personalities and passion. She makes you get caught up in the story. 

“Hot To The Touch” is a HOT READ!   5 Stars, D.Lee,  I really enjoyed this short story. The dialog was great, with just enough action. It kind of had a New Jack City meets Thin Between Love and Hate vibe, with Raphael Saadiq’s Good Man as the soundtrack.  


5 Stars, Author Christine Pauls,  This book; this story took me on a journey of what it feels like to love with every fiber of your being. The more I tried to put it down, the more I couldn’t. Jordan and Belinda was too hot for me! Great job Queen Samara!! I’m hooked!